2016 Sauvignon Blanc

Our 2016 Sauvignon Blanc is a bright treat fit for all seasons. With crisp pear and guava notes it easily pairs with anything from a light fruit salad to your roasted chicken dinner. $22

2016 Rose`

The Mariposa is our rose` of Mourvedre its interesting tang and fresh fruit notes keep you wanting more. Its complexity and refreshing flavor is perfect for a warm summers day. $22

2015 Mourvedre

Our Mourvedre is not your traditional Mourvedre, while light in body definitely not in flavor. With its earthy tobacco notes it'll have you reaching for that grill steak. $32

2014 Zinfandel

The 2014 Zinfandel is a fun in a glass. Light in body and a punch a cherry and pepper upfront followed by more berry flavors you'll wonder if its a Zinfandel at all. $22

2012 Zinfandel

The 2012 Zinfandel is everything you expect from a Zin, deep jammy plum flavors that fill your mouth from the first sip. With the subtle vanilla at the finish this guy is perfect for that stew that's been one the stove top all day. $22

2011 Zinfandel

The 2011 Zinfandel is a Zinfandel you don't want to pass up. With almost a decade in the bottle it has matured very nicely, fruit flavors that will remind you of grandmas berry cobbler and while you reach for the sharp cheese.

2016 Tempranillo

The 2016 Tempranillo is the perfect representation of what a Tempranillo grown in California can be. With its nice dry tannins and rich flavor yet easy drinkability its the perfect wine for any meal.

2014 Malbec

Our 2014 Malbec is a big, bold, inky delight. It is full of deep dark fruit flavors that will transport you to an Argentinian steak house.

2013 Aglianico

Aglianico is one of those unique grapes you don't find in every winery, but you should. Aglianico is one for the real wine aficionado, its a wine that only gets better with age. At ten years it just starts showing you how special it is, at twenty you have yourself a real gem on your hands. Our Aglianico 2013 is not only ready to be poured into your glass today but really wants to find a home in your cellar